Export Consulting

We represent a number of Japanese companies in exporting their products overseas. Please contact us if you would like more information regarding any of these products.

iHorn / iHorn mini

iKeda Product (Japanese)

A speaker (and stand) for your iPhone4 that doesn’t need any power. Just place your iPhone4 in the slot and the volume of your iPhone4 will automatically increase by as much as 3 times (10dB). Made from high quality aluminum block, using your basic acoustic science, sound is directed through the carved out horn-shape and is amplified as it travels though the ‘funnel’ opening. The iHorn, available in silver, has two ‘funnels’ delivering an even more dynamic sound. The iHorn mini is available in silver, blue, red and gun-metal.


Dragonfly Model Kit

Kimpou Meltech (Japanese)

Winner of the 2010 Japan Bench Machine Tool Builders Association contest, the intricate pieces made from high quality and specialized production technology, come together to make this stainless steel dragonfly come to life. A challenge for even the most enthused hobbyist, the delicate design becomes a show piece to admire when construction is complete.


Organic Cotton Baby Wear

Osakaya Corp

Introducing the ‘ikuji-kobo’ (loosely translated as ‘childcare studio’) line of organic cotton baby wear, protecting baby’s sensitive and delicate skin. Made in Japan and using traditional production technology (the same used centuries ago in Japan), air is trapped within the cotton fabric, allowing for soft, breathable, and highly elastic material. The elegant design is both practical and cute.