Touch Memo

Touch Memo

Digital voice labeler for the visually impaired

Touch MemoJust touch label,

record memo

and touch for playback

…over 83 hours of recording time

Use re-recordable labels to identify everyday household items, your CD collection, groceries (including tin cans and freezer items), medicines and even clothing (washable labels included). You may also use it as a personal organizer, recording diary events and for identifying important documents.

With the Touch Memo, you will have:

Touch Memo

  • Fewer Mishaps – differentiate food items, record use-by dates, identify clothing
  • More Independence – sort important documents, record payment due dates, match receipts, select the right credit card
  • Greater Peace of Mind – identify medication and playback important instructions
  • Includes Rechargeable Battery, Tactile, Non-tactile, and Washable labels plus Plastic Tags for reusing labels
  • Cut labels in half to duplicate.
  • Additional labels may be purchased separately.